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This Is Why My Mom Worries

I’ve been told I have bad taste in guys.

I decided that today would be a good day to look back on past mistakes. Mistakes I made way in the past.

Before those two guys that broke up with me on 3 separate birthdays.*

Before that guy that failed to tell me about his wife and children.  (It’s funny what you can find out in an obituary. )

Before that guy who asked me to go on a date at Subway…and then asked me to pay.

We’re going way back today…back to the beginning. To the first guy that made my sister say, “Brandy, really?!”


Yeah. Him.

I can see now that the trouble all started when I was rooting for Belle to choose Gaston. But hear me out here. Gaston was handsome, popular, a good provider and charismatic. He would have provided a life for Belle that allowed her to be home and read while he was off with his buddies hunting and at that bar singing songs to each other. That doesn’t sound so bad.

And what about the Beast? He was no peach in the beginning of the story. He was selfish and vain and really grumpy. Maybe if Belle had given Gaston the time and attention she had given the Beast, Gaston would have showed a softer side too.

Let’s fast forward to elementary school now. I can see that this was probably my most poignant crush, the one that would forecast the type of guys I was attracted to as an adult.

There really isn’t anything bad you can say about Billy. Brains are sexy. So are guys in glasses.

We will end this little trip down memory lane with probably the scariest of my choices.

I don’t have a lot to back this one up. As with Gaston, he was handsome, wealthy and charismatic. I think it just boils down to preferring men with dark hair, and liking men that don’t look like they are 12.

The important thing about making mistakes is that you learn from them. I am happy to report that my taste in men is changing, maturing.

And I can’t wait to see my new boyfriend on tv tonight.




*How does that even happen to one girl? Note to future boyfriends: my birthday is in July. If you so much as pick a fight with me around my birthday, that birthday cake is going in your face.

**I should also note that both of these birthday breakup dudes are total grammar freaks. I’m less worried about them being upset that I call them out online, and more worried they are going to send me a copy of this post with red pen all over it.