One more place for girls to yammer on…

Today’s Thoughts

Well hi there.

Glad you stopped by.

Today I don’t really have a ‘real’ post for you. I decided that having a website dedicated to my life and thoughts wasn’t egotistical enough for me so I’m currently working on my first stand-up routine. Every time I think of a funny story, I have been working it into my routine and neglecting the blog.

Sorry about that.

The good news is — if you want to hear what I’ve come up with, just come see me at Your Mama’s Mug next Tuesday night. Until then, I leave you with what else has been running through my head these days:

  • I really, really want to be a QVC host when I grow up. I have been watching all of their Christmas shows this week, (while doing other super productive things) and think I would be awesome at selling flameless candles or decorative sweaters.
  • This bacon shortage is just a ploy by Romney’s people to get you to vote for him. I give him ’til the end of the week to promise bacon for all if he is elected. Don’t fall for it.
  • I have completely forgotten how to dress for this time of year. I leave the house in sweaters and by 2:00 I’m sweating. Layers, people, layers.

Have a great week everybody. I’ll be back with something better later on. Until then, you can remind yourself of the good old day when I wrote actual posts like this one.


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