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Hire Me Weight Watchers

So I actually had something else written for today … but sometimes life happens and gives me little gems that I just can’t ignore.

Who is in charge of advertising at Weight Watchers?? Seriously, they should be fired. Just in case you haven’t watched the latest commercial from the weight loss program and their new spokes lady, here is the link for it on Youtube:


Let’s have a little conversation about what Weight Watchers is for: Losing weight from your body. Your boooddyyy.

What don’t they show in the commercial?

Oh, her body! Probably because she needs to lose weight.

Listen up Weight Watcher’s, this is what we in the education field call a “teachable moment”. If you show her body before she loses weight, tell us all she is going to start using your program for weight loss, and then show her looking smoking hot in a few months … guess who is going to want to buy into your program??

Everybody with love handles, that’s who.

Now, when you show us that Jessica Simpson looks all slim in a few months after we didn’t even get to see the chubster we all can only assume she is now – the effect will be lost on us.

Somebody get me a job in advertising.


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