One more place for girls to yammer on…

A Life Lesson For You All

Let me tell you a little story about procrastination:

Once upon a time a gal who thought she was a lot more interesting than she probably is, decided to start a blog to share all of her antics with her fans.*
This little blog started to gain a small following around town and when the author of the blog realized that people were actually reading what she wrote, she decided to go underground so that she could continue to write her stories, uncensored.

Well… it’s one year later and I’ve decided that I would like to get LGAC up and running again, there’s just one little problem… my registration on the site “” has run out. Unfortunately it’s not as easy to re-register as I thought it would be, and since the internet police are holding my site name hostage at the moment please remember to change your rss feed to subscribe to for now so that you can still get all the updates on what’s happening in this tiny town.
Hopefully, after some time has passed and the powers that be realize there is nobody out there scrambling to pay hundreds of dollars to register under the LGAC name, I’ll get the name back for a lot cheaper than they are offering it now. Until then, I’ll just have to live with the address.


Don’t procrastinate kids — it’ll cost ya.

*Fans = my sister and approximately 3 friends.


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