One more place for girls to yammer on…

I’m Done

Who’s coming with me, besides Flipper here??

(It’s a Jerry Maguire quote….. Anybody? Anybody? No? Fine. Moving on.)

There are so many things that I am over today. Want to hear what they are? Here we go!

  • The job search!! I finally have officially broken up with,, craigslist, the classifieds in the paper. I’m also done being nice to people that I might need to like me just in case they know if somebody is hiring. You have all now been warned.
  • Between season weather. How’s a girl supposed to plan outfits for the week when it’s snowy one day and nearly 70 degrees the next? In case you haven’t heard, Mother Nature, I’m playing Christmas music now. Bring on the snow!
  • Fantasy Football. I thought I could hang with the cool kids this year. Turns out, I can’t. Oh I had a good run the first few weeks, but then people get injured and teams have bye weeks and I just can’t keep up.
  • Finally, dating. I know, I know, I promised all the nitty gritty details, and then went silent. The truth is…I’ve been holding out on you. I forgot how awkward the whole ‘courting’ process can be. Also, to add to the strangeness of it all, my blog posts get advertised on facebook. I tend to accept everybody as facebook friends, even the guys I plan to write about right here. Feels a little bitchy, even for me.
Tomorrow I’ll be back with a list of things that I’m not going to hate all over, and, some exciting news for the blog!


***Note: I got some really supportive comments and emails from my post last week. Thanks to everybody! While I still don’t appreciate her comment, I’m also not out to destroy a business. A phone call will be placed to the dealership this week to let them know that their hiring practices need to be reconsidered.




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