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We’re All Friends Here, Right?

Have you ever asked somebody what their most embarrassing moment was, only to have them reply, “I don’t really have any embarrassing moments.”

I hate those people.
I know you’re lying dude. You have had embarrassing moments and you should swallow your pride and share the story for a minute so that we can all feel better about ourselves and laugh at you.

I had an embarrassing moment last night. I’ve decided to share because I either feel really comfortable with all of you, or just have absolutely no shame left. (I’m guessing it’s the no shame thing…I did tell a prospective employer that I would bake them cookies if they hired me.)

Last night I went to dinner with my sister, niece and brother-in-law. My sister and her hubby have recently bought a new house and apparently all new homeowners spend most of their free time at Lowe’s buying things like pipes and soap. (Note to self: do not buy a house. Save your money for important things…like shoes.)
When we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a older gentleman walking in front of my car. He was not facing me so when my sister said “Brandy, that guy is checking you out!” I thought nothing of looking his direction and doing a little shimmy-shake-come-hither dance. (It was hot, I assure you.)

No harm done right? The guy was long gone by then, I was just being silly with my big sister.

If that were the case this would be a short, boring story. As soon as I did my little mating dance, or whatever that was, my sister started laughing uncontrollably and said “Not that guy…THAT guy.” Pointing a finger to the guy in the vehicle DIRECTLY BESIDE ME. He looked terrified.



In unrelated news, my mom has decided that I should start driving around with a car seat in my car. In her head it would be super convenient for when I need to transport my niece.

If I ever wonder out loud why I’m single, just refer me to this post and the car seat in my car. This must be what friends are for.


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