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My First Top 10 List

Lately there have been a few people stepping out of their comfort zone in the news: Lady Gaga became Joe Calderone and starting belting out ballads. (Not a total shocker, she plays a dude pretty well.)
Seth McFarlane released an album this week. (He is the creator of Family Guy.)

 I thought this was a pretty unexpected crossover. Cartoonist turned crooner.

Lady Gaga and Seth McFarlane inspired me. If these two can stretch the boundaries of their talents, why can’t other people in the public eye do something a little daring and shock us all?

I’m hoping this list will encourage some more celebs to break out of their mold and make watching E! News a little more interesting.

Here is my list of the Top 10 Unexpected Crossovers That Haven’t Happened …Yet:

1 Fran Drescher becoming a singer

2 Charlie Sheen writing a children’s book (He has some good material though: Wizard the Winning Tiger just might be a best-seller.)

3 Ryan Seacrest becoming underexposed (You don’t often hear people say, “Hey, what happened to that Ryan Seacrest guy?”)

4  Jillian Michaels becoming a contestant on The Biggest Loser

5  Kevin Federline becoming a Trojan spokesperson (Who knew he would be so fertile?)

6  Hugh Hefner becoming a one woman man

7 Fox News leaning a little to the left

8 Carlos Mencia becoming funny

9 Snooki becoming pale

10 Long John Silver’s becoming tasty

Your turn – what is a crossover that would surprise you? 


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