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You Might Not Want To Read This

Seriously it’s late. I am just rambling.

Also, if you aren’t a female in your mid-twenties, this will make no sense.

Tonight, like most nights, I am sitting in bed with my laptop watching Millionaire Matchmaker. Just waiting to hear that Patti Stanger is taking on Aaron Rodgers as a client so I can fly to a casting call. I would even straighten my precious curls so that Patti would see that I would be a perfect match for #12.

After the show ended, the movie Next Friday came on.  I have never seen this movie, but a scene came on that I found myself mouthing the words to.

These words:

Now Craig, it’s gonna be different living out here. Don’t let your Uncle or your cousin get you in any shit. Now you hear me? 

 Pops I’m grown now, can’t nobody get me in trouble no more. 

Well I’m glad you said that son, but since you grown, don’t bring your black ass back home. 

How do you know the words to the movie if you have never seen it?

I’m glad you asked. I – like any other girl born between 1984 and 1988 – know the words to this scene because we all thought we were Julia Stiles at some point in our lives. And what do you do when you think you are Julia Stiles? You dance like she did in Save the Last Dance.

“You can do it put your back into it…”

In case you missed the connection, Ice Cube is in the movie Next Friday. Ice Cube also wrote the theme song for Save the Last Dance.

Those words are spoken in the theme song.

Hence, every time you listen to that song and dance your crazy hip-hop moves…you hear those words…and if you’re like me…you never put any thought into where those words came from.

I will probably delete this in the morning.


One response

  1. Well I’m glad I got to read it before you delete it 🙂

    September 16, 2011 at 10:47 pm

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