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Lighten Up Buttercup

Today was an, “I’ve had too much coffee” kind of day. I could tell because everything was funny to me and Iwastalkingreallyfastlikethis.

Believe me, it was coffee. Caffeine is the only drug I just say yes to.

In the midst of my caffeine high, courtesy of Dunkin’ Donuts cinnamon coffee, the following text message exchange took place:

Unknown #: Are you in Boston?

Me: Who is this?

U#: Ugh never mind 

Now normally I would have just stopped there. I don’t really like grumps. I thought it could get interesting though so I pressed on…

Me: Never mind what? I’m confused.

U#: I gave you my number but obviously you didn’t save it

The person had me there. I did not save their number. Honestly, I rarely save numbers. It’s never been a real problem before.

Me: You seem upset by this, I’m sure it was nothing personal.

Me: Ok, I’ve saved it now, you’re under “easily offended” so I’ll know to only say super nice things to you

Me: It can be our thing, whenever I’m bored, I’ll send you a joke

I thought this was a really nice peace offering on my part. I might not know who you are…but I’ll do my best to brighten your day sometimes anyhow. Plus, when I taught kindergarten, those kids taught me some really funny jokes.
I should also mention that the place I was texting from has horrible cell service, so my phone will sometimes send a message multiple times as it’s trying to get through.

U#: I won’t lose sleep over it. Quit sending me the same message over and over, and I’m not offended…just know I must not mean anything to you.

Now this seems like a strange way to determine how much you mean to somebody. I know I mean the world to Aaron Rodgers, but does he have my number save in his phone? Nope.

Me: I can’t help it! I’m out of service so my phone sends multiples.

U#: Lame

Me: Does my lack of service in rural Pennsylvania offend you too? I’m batting zero today.

U#: Terribly, and you still don’t know who this is.

I’m still unsure as to how I was supposed to figure it out in the conversation. Grumpy people confuse me.

Me: You could have fixed that an hour ago, (Yes, this took place over an HOUR.) and just told me who you are, instead you continue to be frustrated and I have the makings of an awesome blog post.

U# Who do you know w/this area code? 

Me: Dude, I have this area code, along with most of the people in my phone. 

U#: How do you know if you want to talk to someone if you don’t know who it is? Why even have a phone.

At this point I was getting bored with the conversation. If you ever text me, and I ask who you are, please don’t take the fact that you aren’t in my phone personally. It’s me, not you. I assure you.

Unless you’re grumpy. Then it’s you.


UPDATE: I got a text from a second number tonight that I didn’t know. This time when I asked who it was, the person just told me their name. Thanks.


3 responses

  1. Too funny! And love that you got a great blog post out of it.

    September 3, 2011 at 6:59 am

  2. Caro

    You don’t remember I changed my phone, do you??

    teeheheheheh, only joking!

    September 5, 2011 at 10:54 pm

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