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So… I’ll Never Be A Journalist

I know I was going to post this a few nights ago. I know that you all have been waiting on pins and needles to hear what I have to say about Fantasy Football drafts, first dates and whatever else I was writing about this weekend. Sorry to make you wait, but sometimes life happens.

Life happened in a very big way last night…

For the first time in years I watched the VMA’s.

Bye bye Sunday night. Helllooooo Joe Calderone.

What do you mean I can't play Pony Boy?

Oh. Oh that’s Lady Gaga? Whoops. I don’t get it. Is she dressed up as Ponyboy for Halloween?

So some other things that caught my attention during the show…why does MTV host an award show for movies and music videos? They show almost none of either.

Also, I stick by my observation that the cast of Jersey Shore is all genius. A lot of people can get drunk at a beach house. I don’t think there are a lot of people in this world that can make really lucrative careers out of it.

The Biebs should wear glasses always.

I’m really glad Adele won, but also wish she would release a really happy song. Maybe one about cats. Or sprinkles. Actually, not sprinkles. My niece always orders sprinkles on her ice cream and it looks like a bowl full of fun. I tried it the last time we got ice cream, it tasted like a bowl full of plastic.

If I were a journalist I would surely be fired. I’m pretty sure I’m the last blogger left to comment on the VMA’s.

Other highlights from my Sunday included my very first Fantasy Football draft. I’ve divided the people who comment on my draft picks into two groups: impressed and jealous.

The truth is that I went into the draft pretty blindly. Every time I tried to research it, I got lost in a sea of numbers and names and faces and couldn’t come up with a very solid plan of attack. I think the most I learned in all of my research was that Aaron Rodgers has a mustache.

Aaron…Darling…One Jeff Foxworthy is enough for this world.

Ok everybody, I still have a first date story to possibly share, but honestly it’s starting to feel like a “you had to be there…and have had as much wine to drink as I did” sort of thing. In the meantime, if you like what you read you should click on “comment” and share it with your friends! Or follow me on twitter, @letsgrabacoffee . I’m just as charming in short bursts.

Good night – and congrats to HoJo for putting another bun in the oven! The world will never have enough Callahan babies.



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  1. Abby Glenn

    I’m just as charming in short bursts… hehe ❤ Tru dat

    September 4, 2011 at 4:30 pm

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