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Why I Won’t Date Your Cousin, Friend or Golf Buddy

As soon as ‘The Ex’ and I broke up, I had decided that I was not going to post about dating on this site. I didn’t want to embarrass anybody or get too personal. I also made that decision in fear that guys in a tiny town are not going to want to date the girl who publishes stories about her romantic life.

Then I realized that dating is hilarious! I have found myself in so many awkward situations in the dating/relationship world, it would be selfish of me not to share. Plus, let’s face it; this site is called Let’s Grab a Coffee. I have never had a coffee date with a girlfriend that didn’t discuss my crazy lack-of-love life.

Disclaimer: While I’m going to be calling out guys on some of their obnoxious behaviors, I fully realize that I’ve had a few “crazy bitch” moments myself, and would welcome any guy that I’ve dated to start a website and share as well. One awful night that involved the Brockton Police Dept. and ‘The Ex’ comes to mind. I’m not going to write that story because it isn’t very flattering. If ‘The Ex’ wanted to write it, I would probably be kind enough to link back to it on this site. While he’s not good as some things, (namely, putting a ring on it), he is a very talented writer.

Today’s topic, however, is the set up. It’s inevitable that the minute you change your Facebook status to single, people start whipping out their little black books. I’m not against being set up; I do think it’s time for me to set a few ground rules though. (Are you listening older sister? You might want to take notes…)

1.     Please don’t set me up with somebody just because he’s single.

“You’re single, he’s single…

Ok, single is an important quality I look for in a date. I admit that once (…3 times…) in the past I’ve forgotten to clear that minor detail before getting involved.  That also leads me to rule number 2 …

2.     No liars.

I know you wouldn’t set me up with a liar/cheater/tool on purpose, but could you do a little investigating before you throw me to the wolves.

3.      “But he’s so nice!”

So is Barney, and probably our friend Tiger up there. Doesn’t mean I should date them.

4.     “He would treat a girlfriend so well…it would be perfect!

No…it’s not perfect. It’s a start. Perfect would be if he were a single doctor with a love of cats and an appreciation for curly hair. (I’m sorry Patti Stanger, but I do think there are men out there that like a girl with a little spring in her ‘do.)


The moral of the story is, while these are all excellent qualities for a future suitor of mine to have, they can’t stand alone. There has to be some spark, some chemistry, some substance. And trust me…if I feel that, I won’t need your help setting it up. I can handle that part on my own.


2 responses

  1. I think every girl should distribute these rules to friends and family…perfect!

    August 20, 2011 at 11:30 am

  2. joyo66

    Great post….check out mine about recovering from a break-up. Are you in Brockton MA? If so, I am damn close 🙂

    August 20, 2011 at 1:01 pm

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