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All A Twitter

When I first started this blog I also created a twitter account (letsgrabacoffee) and an email address ( I then linked the email account to my blackberry and promptly forgot about both. Tonight I got my first email alert telling me that I had a twitter follower.

My first thought was: A fan! A fan!

My second thought was: there is nothing on my twitter page. I probably just lost my fan. Maybe it wasn’t even a fan, just somebody who happened to stumble upon my twitter page and thought, “What the hell?”

So now I have the task of making my twitter page interesting. Up until now I thought the only reason anybody was on twitter was to get juicy celebrity gossip. Juicy celebrity gossip is my motivation in more things in life than I care to mention.  The problem with twitter is that it seems like anything I would say on twitter – I can put on my facebook status. If something is on my facebook status, what motivation do people have to follow me on twitter? It’s madness!

I have two requests this weekend. 1 – Follow me on twitter. 2 – Teach me how to use it. I pay for lessons in coffee dates.


One response

  1. If you get TweetDeck, you can update Twitter, Facebook MySpace and Googe Buzz all at the same time. I use it often. Check it out! MJ

    August 1, 2011 at 11:11 pm

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