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How About This Weather?

I know, I know, it’s hot.

I know, I know, it’s going to be hotter tomorrow.

I hate to say it people, but the weather is just one of those things that complaining does not help. If you are really miserable I welcome you to come cool off in the pool with me. If you are, unlike me, employed and unavailable, then I’m sorry. Maybe next time.

It’s no secret now that I’m going through a break up. For the most part, things in my life are rolling along pretty well at the moment. I get to see my family and home friends a lot more, professional opportunities are starting to bubble up and I had all day today to float around a pool and read. (Don’t worry, I did a few other things too, but there is only so much unpacking/job hunting you can do before you just have to reward yourself.)

As with any bump in the road of life, I of course get a little down about the break up situation. When I do, I find that songs I never paid attention to in the past surface in my head. (Really, how sad is that Adele song, jeez….) Today I knew my optimism was getting out of hand when the break up song of the day was “The Hardest Part of Breaking Up” by 2gether! You can not wallow in self-pity when you are singing that song in your head. While unpacking I would pull out something that should make me sad, but when that song popped into my head I would giggle! MTV really hit television gold when they decided to form that boy band. I was in love with the shy one. I’m always in love with the shy one!

"Look at my shy, sensitive eyes." ...sigh...

After a day of pooling it and unpacking, I decided it was cool enough to go around the pavilion for a while. I like to set my ipod on shuffle and let the little man controlling the songs in my ipod decide what I should be listening to. He usually has pretty good taste. I started off with a little Jesse McCartney, heard some Carrie Underwood and Tom Petty and then just when I was hitting my stride…Raffi. There is nothing like feeling the wind in your hair, your pulse rising and then getting a jolt of “Gotta shake, shake, shake my wiggles out.” For the second time today I found myself giggling at an unexpected song.

Giggling is good for the soul. So is Raffi. I’m off to yawn my sleepies out!


One response

  1. Maddie

    “I’m losin’ my hair, and my vision is shady…Last night I dreamt of an overweight lady. Well I need a young thang to keep up with my pace…to hold me in her arms and take me straight to second base”

    HAHA I LOVED that movie! Man oh man.

    July 26, 2011 at 10:29 pm

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