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Adventures in Walmart

Ahhh, home sweet home. One big difference between my life in MA and my life in PA is Walmart. In MA I have access to any and every store I need, and can get to them in under 20 minutes. Being home is nothing like that. There is 1 Walmart 25 minutes away from my parents abode and anything else takes a grand trip to the mall. A grand 1 hour trip to the mall. Rarely is there something that you need so badly that you will take an unplanned drive to grander shopping centers – so on a day like today, Walmart it is.

While today’s trip was pretty uneventful, my last venture in MA did not go as well. Here is the copy of the email I sent out shortly upon my return:



I went to Walmart tonight to get some party hats for the graduation
tomorrow. Just the cone shapes birthday party hats. My trip goes a
little something like this:

I go to the Hanover store and as soon as I walk in I realize that I
have no idea where to find the birthday party supplies. Its 7:00. I’m
tired and hungry and not in the mood to scour a place with cement
floors and fluorescent lighting looking for cardboard cones with
elastic chin straps, so I find the nearest employee.

Me: Hi there, where can I find the party hats?
Employee #1: ummmm….in the birthday party section.
Me: Ok, makes sense, where might that be?
Employee #1: (looking around) ummm….near the cards and balloons??
Me: Uh-huh. Where are they?
Employee #1: (looking around, now visibly uncomfortable. I check her
name tag, she’s been “servicing with a smile” for 2 years)
Me: Ok, no problem. I’ll find them, thanks for your help.

Luckily I stumble upon party looking things pretty quickly, but the
aisles are a mess!! I sift through the things for a minute but I’m so
over the task at this point. I see a lady walk by in the tell-tale
navy shirt and khaki’s, so I flag her down:

Me: Excuse me, miss?
Employee #2: (Clearly did not want to be stopped on her way to what
I’m assuming is the break room to eat her 7:15 snack) Yes?
Me: Where would I find the party hats?
Employee #2: In the party section.
Me: Where would that be?
Employee #2: (Points to the section I just came from, I was afraid of
that.) There.
Me: And there are party hats there?
Employee #2: I don’t know, have you looked through the stuff?
Me: Well…I skimmed it….
Employee #2: Ok, well that’s what we have.



2 responses

  1. I. Hate. Walmart.

    This story is hilarious!

    Btw, thought I’d introduce myself, I’m Anita! I work with Bethany Hawn, she recommend this fantastic blog 🙂

    July 12, 2011 at 9:35 pm

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