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4th of July – Rock On

In order to celebrate the birth of our nation (and the fact that for the first time since Easter we  have had more than 1 day off at the same time), The Boyfriend (TB) and I went to Plymouth for the day.

We started our trip with a Mexican lunch. It was delicious, but huge! I pretty much filled up on the chips and salsa that came before the meal, but continued to dig in after we each received large platters of rice, enchiladas, barbeque ribs, tostados and more! So. Much. Food.

I rock!

After lunch we were moved by the holiday spirit and took a walk along the historic Plymouth waterfront. The view was beautiful! Sunny day, sparkling water and people everywhere. As we strolled we came upon a regal looking gazebo with a square railing in the center. I noticed people gathering around this square and looking down at what was below. TB and I wandered over and looked down to find a rock. Not a particularly large or pretty rock. Just, well, a rock. It took me about 3 seconds longer than it should have to realize that we were looking at the famed Plymouth Rock! It was a pretty underwhelming sight, not gonna lie. Yes I know there is a lot of history behind it, and it’s viewed as a symbol yadda, yadda, but all of the fanfare of the beautiful beach and giant gazebo made looking at the rock a little like looking at a guy who is a solid 6.5 surrounded by 9’s and 1o’s. Yes he’s witty. Yes he’s smart. Unfortunately, the ladies in the room are so blinded by his louder, better-looking companions that they don’t stop to appreciate what he has to offer.

But judge for yourselves. Here is a picture of the gazebo that houses the rock. Plymouth Rock can be found at the bottom of a hole in the center of the building.

Rock bottom.

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