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Cartoon #2

Hi friends. I’m keeping it simple today with a cartoon based on a conversation I had earlier this week. Maybe it happened over the weekend? I’m not sure. The days all sort of run together lately.

Anyhow, enjoy!

(Oh, and if you’re in the area and want to see what happens when I have wine and microphone … come out to Your Mama’s Mug tonight around 10ish. Should be good.)

Brandy, do you know what you have?

An LA face and an Oakland booty?

I can’t even take you when you’re like this…


You Might Want To Skip Today’s Post

I didn’t plan on writing anything here today, but, when I woke up the internet reminded me that it’s National Coffee day and it seemed appropriate to somehow make mention of that here.

So – um- Happy National Coffee Day! Go out and… drink coffee??

If you’re in my area visit the friendly people at The Wired Rooster and help search for their missing alpaca, Milfred. 

I stamped all the roosters on their to-go cups last night. Will. Work. For. Coffee. 

This is the last time I post before I have caffeine or a shower. I make more sense with clean hair and a full stomach.

Today’s Thoughts

Well hi there.

Glad you stopped by.

Today I don’t really have a ‘real’ post for you. I decided that having a website dedicated to my life and thoughts wasn’t egotistical enough for me so I’m currently working on my first stand-up routine. Every time I think of a funny story, I have been working it into my routine and neglecting the blog.

Sorry about that.

The good news is — if you want to hear what I’ve come up with, just come see me at Your Mama’s Mug next Tuesday night. Until then, I leave you with what else has been running through my head these days:

  • I really, really want to be a QVC host when I grow up. I have been watching all of their Christmas shows this week, (while doing other super productive things) and think I would be awesome at selling flameless candles or decorative sweaters.
  • This bacon shortage is just a ploy by Romney’s people to get you to vote for him. I give him ’til the end of the week to promise bacon for all if he is elected. Don’t fall for it.
  • I have completely forgotten how to dress for this time of year. I leave the house in sweaters and by 2:00 I’m sweating. Layers, people, layers.

Have a great week everybody. I’ll be back with something better later on. Until then, you can remind yourself of the good old day when I wrote actual posts like this one.

Whistle Blower

Wanna know what I did today?

I made a cartoon.

Super excited to share it with you.

So without further ado… the first ever LGAC Cartoon!

(Disclaimer: I am NOT an artist or a photographer. I drew these pictures at my kitchen table during dinner tonight and took photos of them with my iPhone. They are posted here unedited because I haven’t the slightest how to edit pictures or what would even need edited if I were to do that. The first person who comments negatively on my lighting or drawing capabilities gets a punch in the knee cap the next time I see you. Don’t make me stoop down to that level.)



Monica kept stained dress.


That’s weird. Who would keep a dirty dress?



That reminds me of Monica and the stain on her dress.







…the end…

It Runs In The Family

A conversation had with my sister while watching football tonight:

Heather: If Peyton Manning threw me a ball, I’d hang on to it.

Me: If Peyton Manning threw a ball to me, I’d hang on to him!

Heather: If I were hanging on to Peyton Manning, we’d be throwing parties.

Me: If I were hanging on to Peyton Manning, I’d be throwing a wedding boquet!

Heather: If I were hanging on to Peyton Manning, we’d be throwing around our first born child’s name.

Me: If I were hanging on to Peyton Manning, we’d be throwing the hopes and dreams of all other Peyton Manning fans down the drain.


This is why we don’t usually stay up this late.

Hire Me Weight Watchers

So I actually had something else written for today … but sometimes life happens and gives me little gems that I just can’t ignore.

Who is in charge of advertising at Weight Watchers?? Seriously, they should be fired. Just in case you haven’t watched the latest commercial from the weight loss program and their new spokes lady, here is the link for it on Youtube:


Let’s have a little conversation about what Weight Watchers is for: Losing weight from your body. Your boooddyyy.

What don’t they show in the commercial?

Oh, her body! Probably because she needs to lose weight.

Listen up Weight Watcher’s, this is what we in the education field call a “teachable moment”. If you show her body before she loses weight, tell us all she is going to start using your program for weight loss, and then show her looking smoking hot in a few months … guess who is going to want to buy into your program??

Everybody with love handles, that’s who.

Now, when you show us that Jessica Simpson looks all slim in a few months after we didn’t even get to see the chubster we all can only assume she is now – the effect will be lost on us.

Somebody get me a job in advertising.

A Life Lesson For You All

Let me tell you a little story about procrastination:

Once upon a time a gal who thought she was a lot more interesting than she probably is, decided to start a blog to share all of her antics with her fans.*
This little blog started to gain a small following around town and when the author of the blog realized that people were actually reading what she wrote, she decided to go underground so that she could continue to write her stories, uncensored.

Well… it’s one year later and I’ve decided that I would like to get LGAC up and running again, there’s just one little problem… my registration on the site “” has run out. Unfortunately it’s not as easy to re-register as I thought it would be, and since the internet police are holding my site name hostage at the moment please remember to change your rss feed to subscribe to for now so that you can still get all the updates on what’s happening in this tiny town.
Hopefully, after some time has passed and the powers that be realize there is nobody out there scrambling to pay hundreds of dollars to register under the LGAC name, I’ll get the name back for a lot cheaper than they are offering it now. Until then, I’ll just have to live with the address.


Don’t procrastinate kids — it’ll cost ya.

*Fans = my sister and approximately 3 friends.